Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good Evening!

Well, tomorrow is Easter and it has been another busy week. I can't believe how fast week's go sometimes. Greg and Ellen came down for Easter weekend and we have been enjoying them and the boys very much. It is nice to have some family that lives close enough that they can come down for holidays. Well, I will post pictures of Easter tomorrow or Monday. The kids are excited about Easter baskets and and had fun coloring Easter eggs. Most of all, I hope we get across to them how special Easter is for us because of Jesus and His Dying on the cross. That is Easter is all about new life. Jesus said He was come that we might have new life and have it ABUNDANTLY! So Spring and Easter go hand in hand and I hope the significance is not lost as we look at flowers pushing up out of the ground, brown grass begin to turn green and new leaves to form.--and think, "Once my life waslike a dreary wilderness, with the shadows all around me day by day, then I sought the Lord for help in my distress, Jesus spoke in love and shadows fled away. Jesus made my life in to a garden fair, and He dwells within my heart and gives me peace..." Jesus takes dead dry gardens all the time and turns them into things of beauty and richness. Yes, God is soooo good. He's so good to me. Trust you all are ready for Spring. Hope you all have a wonderful night and a great Easter morning. Trisha

Friday, March 14, 2008

Let the Sun Shine!!

Emily has taken up painting. She really enjoys it. She is doing really good at it.
Here is Lindsay enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. It's the beginning of Spring!
Emily painting a picture
The weather is finally starting to warm up and I am soooo enjoying it. We have had 50's and low 60's and it has been WONDERFUL. We are now dying for Spring and have spring fever like crazy! It has been a long winter. Trust everyone is enjoying the wonderful spring weather. And if you live in the South, I guess it feels like spring most of the time--atleast until summer:)--so you can't fully appreciate the feeling of ice dripping off the roofs and snow running in little rivulets down the driveway and seeing that you have a yard again under all that snow! It's an amazing time! The air is alive with birds singing, everything is starting to perk up and take notice. Spring is in the air!!!