Thursday, April 24, 2008

Program Song

The Kids sang this song in their program. Our theme was " Great Places in America". It turned out really cute and the kids did a great job. We were all tired and glad when it was done though. Emily and Kara dressed like pioneers since they were doing there report on Sutter's Mill and the California Gold Rush. They made those dresses themselves and were very proud of them. Lindsay is standing next to Emily acting nervous though she loves to sing. Kids do wierd things in front of an audience sometimes.:) I may post some more on this, but it takes forever to upload videos so we will see how dedicated I am.

School is done for the day and I am getting ready to make supper for the troops. I didn't have my 2 babies and have gotten a lot of laundry caught up today. That is always a blessing! Jeff has worked a lot of hours this week, but will be coming homing early or atleast ontime tonight. So that will be nice!

Will talk later. Trisha

Homeschool Program

Here is a picture of some of the kids singing at the Program the other night
My kids getting their awards from Bro. Taylor

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Here Goes...

I've been tagged by Amanda so I guess I'll try to do this. ")

What was I doing 10 years ago?

I was living in Milan, had Emily and was 6 weeks from having Travis. We were getting ready to move to the church Campground in Sherrard to be the caretakers of the grounds there. We were living in our first little house and were very proud of it.

Things on my to-do list today.

I am getting ready to transport myself and 3 boys( Travis had 2 friends spend the night last night. YOu can imagine when they went to sleep:)) to the church where we have a work day in progress. We are putting in new bathrooms. Our church is 100 years old and I'm not sure the baths have been done since they put them in. We are totally remodeling them. Now, I am not good at sheet rock, studs and toilets, but I can sure clean, so that is what I'm doing.
Other than that, I am going to clean this house and get groceries for Sunday and all the fun stuff that has to be done every week. Try to get ready for the tornado that always happens by Monday morning!:)

Snacks I enjoy:
5. Doritos
4. Cheese and crackers
3. Granola bars
2. Kitkats
1. York peppermint patties! My favorite!

If I were a billionaire, I'd

1. Move to the country
2. Have a pond and creeks
3. Spend lots of time doing creative and Inspired learning in our classroom, spending Lots of money on fun experiments and making whole rooms into the jungle when we are studying South America, transforming our basement into a miniature lab for Science projects, having a good telescope and watching the stars. I am very passionate about this subject. You can tell:).
4. Travel around the world and stop at every place the kids are studying about. It we are talking about Israel, just hop on a plane and go visit! Oh what fun!
5. Having Jeff work only part time. Have him around for all our spontaneous picnics etc. :)He'd go crazy not working at all, I think. Either that or he'd reorganize my house all the time. That would be interesting.:)
6. Give my kids lessons in every instrument they wanted and me too!:)
7. Pay for extra things at our church.
8. Pay off all my bills. YEAH!

My worst habits

Procrastinating on things
Jumping to conclusions to easily
Speaking to quickly
Not listening as well as I should when people are talking and really need me. ( I am trying to work on this a lot)

Jobs I've Held

Child care
Kindergarten teacher
Teacher/ Mom

People I would like to tag:


Wheww! That's a lot! It takes a lot of thinking to do that. HOpe you all have a good day and I will post later and maybe show you pictures of my kids' homeschool program last night! TRisha

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Here are the long-awaited pictures!

Some of my Sunday School Class
Travis working on the Washington Monument in paper mache! He is doing this for an end of the year program next Friday!
Here is a picture on our 15 th anniversary the end of March. We are getting older but still glad to be happily married. We went to Galena and it was very nice. My mom kept the kids and they seemed to have lots of fun.
Emily--working on her visual aid for her project. She built Sutter's fort and did a great job. We had lots of fun and she is ready for the program!
The kids pose at our church on Easter Sunday Morning:)