Friday, June 27, 2008

Youth Camp

Emily with some of the crazy hair-do's for "bad hair day". Aren't they frightful?
My lovely sister-in-law, Anna with her beautiful "do". :) Good job, Anna!
Emily and Jill picking strawberries after Youth camp.
Some of the kids and staff at Youth Camp.
Emily and Jill made homemade jam with our freshly picked strawberries. What fun!!
The kids had so much fun at Youth Camp. Emily was in Youth Camp and Travis and Lindsay went to a VBS. They all really enjoyed themselves. Here are a few pictures of our trip and of bringing Emily's friend, Jill, home and all the fun they had.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Jeff's brother and family

Just thought I'd send you a picture of Jeff's brother, Chucky and wife, Anna. They don't live nearby. THey used to live a lot closer and we had a blast going to visit them and staying up to talk till all hours of the night and morning. Ahhh... the things of youth! Don't do that much anymore. Too tired:)

On the right hand side is a picture of Chip, and beside him is Trent. Both Chucky's boys. They are growing like weeds and will be grown before you know it! Time flies... Trisha

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Jeff was going to mow this afternoon. We were inside when all of a sudden a loud clap of thunder came crashing down around us. Jeff ran outside and decided to mow anyway. It was supposed to rain all evening off and on so he decided to get it out of the way. I got so tickled watching him while the rain poured down that I took a couple of pictures. He was soaked!! Oh, and this evening we have had no rain. In fact, he went outside and finished teaching Lindsay how to ride her bike!! Sigh! Life sure is funny sometimes>:)

She has finally gotten the hang of it. She is sooo proud and excited! She can now ride like her best friend and cousin, Alissa!

Birthday Pictures

Birthday celebrations
Emily and Kara
Emily getting ready to blow out candles
Bethany, Melissa, Jillayne, Lindsay, Emily and Kara!
They had a lot of fun and Emily is now a member of that -Oh so elusive_ teenage group! Oh my! What are we in for>:) It'll be fun, no doubt about it. Happy Birthday, Emily!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Some fun pictures from all our building projects

Jeff, working on the kids playhouse
Lindsay and Alissa(her cousin) riding a 4-wheeler. (not alone):)
Emily and Brandon riding while Jeff tries to smooth the dirt out for sod.
Robert(Jeff's cousin) driving the bobcat--with Lindsay's "help".

I started looking at all our old pictures. My, what a busy year we have had! It ought to have atleast aged us by two years!HA! LIfe has actually slowed down some from these days!! Thank the Lord! Trisha
This picture is of my Dad's side of the family. The lady on the end on the far left was my Great Grandmother Freeman. She died about 3 years ago, over 100 years old. She had been in this good way all her life. I have a rich heritage in my family. So many of my ancestors served the Lord. Even farther back than this. I believe my Dad said, her mother was a shouting Methodist. I never really knew my great, great grandmother, but I did know my Great Grandma Freeman. My grandmother is also a wonderful saint. Sometimes she really keeps me encouraged. The Lord has been so good to me. Sometimes it's amazing when you look back at the tapestry of your life and the lives of those gone on before you. I guess we truly are "encompassed with so great a cloud of witnesses" . I think of men like Bro. Jack Hoof, Bro. Glenn Patterson, Jeff's great grandfather Elbert Dodd, and I wonder if they are over there cheering us on. We can make it! Let us run with patience the race set before us! Trisha