Friday, September 19, 2008

Hello Again!

Here are the kids with their cousins on the Celebration Belle. They have so much fun doing that every year. They get free tickets for being in the summer reading program at the library.
Here is a picture of our church since it has been remodeled. It is really starting to look nice. I am so glad. Lots of hours over there!!! Oh--and don't you just love the scaffolding?? sorry!
This is Penny's classroom. She decided to do a lighthouse scene on the wall and we have had fun with that. Not quite done yet. She is in my old kindergarten classroom.
Here is the boys' new bathroom not completed, but getting there! I'll be so glad when all this is done!

Anyway, another school year is definitely upon us and even the most reluctant school kids are back in school:) Hope all your school days are going good. We are doing alright and life is good.