Saturday, November 15, 2008

Our Life

The kids had their first official night of 4-H last night. They had a blast! The kids are all so nice and down to earth and the parents are, too! It was great!
Here is a girl giving a presentation on puppies and litters. She breeds Pugs and they were sooo cute! Big hit with the kids.

This is a playhouse the Robert and Jeff built. They were so excited and it turned out adorable! It will be at the Festival of Trees so we want to go in and see it all decorated up for Christmas. They had a blast building it.

Here is another view of it. I tried to get several but I didn't post them all.
Hope everyone is having a great fall!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Mystery Dinner

The kids had a Hawaiian mystery dinner. They had a blast and really enjoyed acting. It was at my parents' house and it was decorated very cute. The thatched roof was so cute. It added a lot of ambience. They also played nature CD's and Hawaiian music. They were so excited! What fun. Don't you miss being a kid?