Wednesday, December 17, 2008

November snowstorm

This was our first snow this winter. It happened early this year.

I am going out to take pictures of our snowfall from last night. We got 6 inches on top of sleet and rotten ice. It is beautiful and messy! It is up to 11* degrees this morning and it feels better than -1*. However, 25* after this cold, feels wonderful! You feel like it isn't too necessary to have a coat. Funny how you're blood thickens. Anyway, better run outside for those pictures or you won't be seeing them for awhile....:)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving Vacation!

We went to Uncle Kenny's house while in Louisiana and had a great time. Here are my cousin-in-law with my cousin's daughter and Emily.
We had a Thanksgiving feast for our family and Jeff's parents. It was nice, peaceful and very enjoyable!

Jeff and his mom at the park where we went crabbing.

Another picture of our Thanksgiving dinner!
We had a blast on our Vacation! We went crabbing, rode the 4-wheeler(well, some of us did):), played games and just sat around and visited or read books. It was very relaxing. Beautiful weather, too! 80* some days. I loved that part! We are glad to be back in our own little house, but it was so nice to have a fun trip!