Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dog Stories!!:)

Here is the lady who showed us all the dog training in agility. It was very interesting.
Here is the picture of a seeing eye dog in training. That was an amazing lecture! It is incredible how much goes into these dogs! I have a new respect for these dedicated people and dogs. It is truly inspiring work!

Here are the kids at the humane society. That was fun, too. We are packing our days with lots of things!!

Here are Lindsay and Alissa doing a presentation on a dog of their choice. Very cute!

Emily and Melissa are growing up and really having a great time together!
That is our last month at a glance! Holler later!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Muscatine Fun

We are neck deep in discovering dogs. We went to the Obedience and Agility training school in Muscatine this past Thursday. It is amazing what all can be taught to a dog. It really inspired Emily and she is dying for a puppy. The last few weeks we have been studying pets and pet care. We have had a seeing eye dog, a search and rescue dog and their trainers speak to us. This is a picture of the agility trainer and her dog.
The kids had to find a recipe and make dog bisuits for several dogs to taste test. Ours was a liver cornbread concoction and smelled very livery!!! It won first place with the dogs though.:) You knew it would of course. The worse it smells the better the chance!!:)

Here is the finished project of our liver biscuits! Enjoy!

The kids got to go ice skating together with the whole QC homeschool group. It was alot of fun and they had a blast! They are growing so fast. This semester has been so much fun./ Will update again....

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

OK, so I have been not so faithful once again....It is very crazy at our house sometimes.:) We are doing well and have been doing lots of fun things with the kids up in Muscatine. This week we are headed to a humane society and them to watch the obedience training. Last week we had a man come in and give us a talk on search and rescue dogs. He was training the cutest puppy. Then we had a lady who trains service dogs. She brought a very large golden retriever with her. He is planning on being a seeing eye dog. It is fascinating to hear all the requirements to pass the tests for that!!
Needless to say, we have been very busy and have really enjoyed ourselves. However, it has been hard to keep you updated... so hopefully I will download and post some pics for you soon:) Maybe even later, if I get really inspired!