Friday, July 17, 2009

4-H fun

The kids have finally made it to their first 4-H fair. They are having a blast! They watched the judging of all the dogs. One of Emily's friends got first place and won the trophy. There have been speeches, calf judging, dog shows, agility for dogs, mutton busting, and so many fun things. Tomorrow, we head back to the fair and Emily and Sarah have a working exhibit to do. I'll have to post pictures about that later. We have been having so much fun! Emily's friend, Sarah, showing her Pug. She was one of the later groups and had been there for 4hours and was tired.

Emily's friend, Sarah B., showing her dog.
Emily's friend, Anna, showing her dog. This is a horrible pic. I thought I put the better one on here. It was very interesting the way that the judges did their choosing.

Emily, talking to the judge about the paintings she did and her write-ups about them.

Travis, talking to the judge about his woodworking exhibit and his write-up.