Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Raegin with my dog in the background. I watch her and her sister and couple of days each week. She is adorable and growing so fast.
Here is some of the fun we have had this year in co-op. We have been very busy and it has challenged me quiet a bit to learn!!--and make it fun. We are now on navigation, sailing and explorers. I am learning more about the stars and navigation then I ever really wanted to:) Ah well, it has been fun.

Here is Emily's new bedroom. She is so happy not to be sharing with LIndsay right now and loves her own space!!

Here is my favorite part of the basement remodel job!! My office behind closed doors! What a genius my husband is!! I have dreamed of this for so long and now I Finally have it and it is wonderful!!It holds my school stuff, my computer, my bills, my kids finished crafts and art stuff, my stuff for our co-op and lots of other stuff:) It is AWSOME!!
Other than that, we have had a great spring minus the week the flu visited our house and we washed mounds of clothes, blankets and sheets...ugh!!
It is starting to warm up here finally and we are excited for tulips popping out of the ground, hostas peeking green and shrubs and grass turning green. I am horrible at taking pictures, but will try to get it done soon.