Friday, February 29, 2008

Still Winter Here!

Lindsay's school books have arrived! How fun and exciting!!!
Lindsay's first day of kindergarten!
Some of the girls in our homeschool group at our Valentines Party.
Lindsay and Mariah. 3 wks apart
Good Evening everyone! It will be March 1 tomorrow but you wouldn't really know it here. The snow and ice are still on the ground, the temperature is going down to 16* tonight and we had snow again twice this week. It has been pretty crazy but funny. I don't really mind but I am ready for Spring. Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the mid to upper 30;s and Sunday up to 49*! It will be amazing! But on Monday, it is supposed to get cold again. Our weather is unpredictable, but I can feel spring is coming. THe promise of spring is here, even if Spring, itself, is not.

Lindsay started school this week. She is so excited. I'll post a picture of her. SHe is growing so fast and looks so cute. She is doing very well and wants to do more than I do. I am enjoying it, though.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

More snow!!

Hello again! Just had to drop you a note to tell you it is snowing again! Will it ever end? Of course it will, but maybe not until May.:) It is prettier than cold with out snow so I won't complain.

We took the kids ice skating yesterday and they had a blast. We stayed out for 3 hours and they were exhausted when we left. No one complained when we went to bed early. I thought I would be sore since it has been about 10 years since I iceskated, but it wasn't too bad. Yesterday I felt horrible but by the time I got up this morning , I was feeling great/ I must not be as old as my kids think:)!!!

Well, it's time to get ready for church so I better run. TRISHA

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Good Night!

We have been having fairly good weather and decently warm for February. It has snowed lots and we are enjoying it. It has been in the 30's and low 40's. But this afternoon, the wind kicked up and the temp started dropping. It didn't stop until we reached 0*. It is supposed to go all the way down to -5*. With wind chill, it will feel like-27* tonight. And not much better tomorrow. It will be Only 5*. With it still feeling like -20*. I don't know where all that global warming went but it sure isn't helping us much. :) What a traitor. Letting a girl down when she needs it most, In February, of course!!:) AHHH Such is life. :) Well it is late and I really need to head to the bed. See you later. TRISHA

Attention Nicki!

Hi Nicki! I do not know how to get ahold of you. You can email me from my email address when you post comments. It shows my email, I think. Other wise you can get it from Karen Bork. I would love to chat with you and see how you all are doing. TRISHA

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ice Skating

The kids went ice skating with their friends and had a blast. They love ice skating and would do it every day if their mom had the energy.:)
The ice skating crew
Here is our house during our latest snow storm. We have had a lot this year. The kids love it and, really, we do too. It is more interesting than cold with no snow.
Our very own winter wonder land. This is our back yard--or atleast part of it.

Travis is finally feeling better after being sick for a week and this morning Lindsay woke up sick. Hopefully hers will not last near as long. We are doing well in school and getting a lot done. I have been so happy with Bob Jones this year. I am so glad I decided to do it. It is not easy choosing a curriculum, but this one has been worth it!!!
Well, trust you all are doing well. We are staying in and drinking our coffee(with lots of cream) on this snowy day. Will write later. TRISHA

Monday, February 4, 2008

Greetings from the Foggy North

We have been busy bees lately. I have started giving all my kids piano lessons. Emily has taken lessons before and was not excited about it, but Travis really wanted to do it and my sister-in-law, Ellen, gave Lindsay a piano book like Nathan's and so she loves it. Anyway, believe it or not, the one who complained has actually taken piano back up like a duck to water! She got some new books and has been practicing away and is having the time of her life! She loves it! It is so funny.

Travis and Lindsay are doing good and are enjoying it but Emily is just amazing me. I love it when it happens that way, don't you? Kids are so unpredictable. Sometimes for the better!:)

We have been having lots of cold, lots of snow and now fog. It is interesting. THe kids went ice skating last week and really enjoyed it. I'll have to post pictures of that. I don't have really good ones, but not too bad.

Other than that, we are still doing school and doing our best. I am still cleaning houses and babysitting and various and sundry things but it is a good life and I am not complaining because I really do enjoy doing all of it.

Trust this afternoon is full of fun or productivity for you all out there. I think I will go to Curves and be good!:) Exercise is good for the soul--and all that:) Write more later. TRISHA