Monday, January 26, 2009

Lindsay looking at her maize book--dressed like a pioneer
dipping candles

Making biscuits

making rag dolls and covered wagons

Well, things have been very busy here. We have joined a co-op that we do once a week. The kids are having such fun. THey have been doing frontier life and have made rag dolls, covered wagons, maize books, embroidery, making a pattern, candles, butter, biscuits, and an old fashion meal to top it all off. It has been so much fun.

Our new theme is pets and pet care. We will be having a lecture from a lady that trains seeing eye dogs, she will bring atleast one dog. We are taking a trip to the humane society, doing a collage on pets, breeds and classes of dogs. We are making dog biscuits and trying to find which one the dogs like best... Oh, it will be fun... I think I am having as much fun as the kids. :)

I hope this January everyone is staying warm. We have had nothing but cold, cold weather!!! I am very tired of the cold. It seems to never cease this winter.

Anyway, you have been duly caught up on our lives and hope you feel very informed:)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

4-H Fun

The kids had a volley ball tournament in Muscatine this past Saturday. 4-H does that on occasion. It was lots of fun! Emily was in the older group, Travis in the younger group. It was exciting.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Jeff made this beautiful oak hope chest for Emily for Christmas. She was so excited. They picked out the style together and talked about it for a long time. He was worse than her and was up before anyone else on Christmas morning so he could get it under the tree. It was so sweet!
Here is another picture of the kids at our Christmas program. The little ones came on the stage next. They said parts and did a great job, too. I don't think I have any pics of it. I am a horrible picture taker.:)

This pic is blurry, but it's Travis having the coveted part of "Joseph" of which he was very proud.:)
The kids are doing all sorts of things in 4-H and are loving it! One of them is volleyball. They are having a tournament against another 4-H homeschool group tomorrow. I'll have to take some pics and post them.
We also joined a co-op that does unit studies and the kids are having a blast making all kinds of stuff. We are studying frontier life and resourcefulness right now. It is interesting and informative. Well, I'll write later.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year!

Just thought I'd get this updated and let everyone know all that has been happening in our lives.
We had Christmas with Jeff's family in November, and our own Christmas at home on Christmas morning. Then we went to my parents and had Christmas with my brothers, sis-in-law and kids, and my parents. It was busy and fun.
Lindsay had a birthday and turned 6 just before Christmas. Who has birthdays just before Christmas????sigh...:)

Here is the picture I promised of the snow. We had tons of it. It is mostly gone now due to a warm snap that didn't last.:) More ice and snow due tomorrow....

We also had a Christmas program and it turned out really nice. I'll post more of that later.....

Here is Lindsay who was an angel. She memorized parts and did really well.
Well, it has been a busy month and a new year has begun. Hope everyone is well and having a great start to there year!