Monday, January 28, 2008


Hello on this beautiful day in January! The sun has been shining here and the weather is very warm. I think it is supposed to be 54* today and it feels great!!
I have been doing a little babysitting on the side. Along with some housecleaning jobs, homeschooling and all the regular duties of a wife and mother, it would seem my plate is rather full:) I don't mind though. I enjoy little children and, as most of you know, had lots of practice growing up taking care of kids.:) It is kindof second nature for me.
Today, the girls( Lindsay and 2 other little ones) had a tea party. Lindsay decided I needed to play the piano while they ate their food. It was so cute watching them. They are so funny sometimes.
Travis just got back from the doctor and he has a double ear infection. He is miserable and sleeping. I hate it when kids get sick.:(
Emily is still plugging away and trying to get done with school. She has been doing very well and is very diligent most of the time.
Well, this has already been a full day and it is only half over.:) Hope all of your days were a little less eventful. I will post more later. TRISHA

Travis at the ZOO

The Australian outback it pretty fun. It has wallabies all over the place and Emu's too.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Good Afternoon

Our family did a 550 piece puzzle over the New Year holiday. It was pretty fun and they were real proud of themselves. It was a cute picture, which made it much easier.
Lindsay and Jeff going on a date. Lindsay was so excited! She had never got to do that by herself before. She felt very big and important! She is at such a fun age.
Mariah Conaway had her 5th birthday yesterday and she had a party at a children's museum. The kids had a lot of fun. I took my kids and Brandon, Alissa and Jillayne. It was great. Mariah won't forget her birthday soon.:)

Well, hope you all have a good afternoon. We are getting ready to go to Preacher's Meeting. Hopefully more people will be able to go this time. THat would be nice. Talk to you later. TRISHA

Monday, January 14, 2008

Frosty the Snowman

Frosty the snowman came to our house for a little while, and the kids were just thrilled. They had a ball and built several snowmen with the neighbors and this one by theirselves. The snow has melted and we have actually had some warm days and that has been really nice!!! I am already for Spring, but don't say anything you Southerners!!! I know I live in the North but it is fun sometimes too:) I know it has it's limitations, especially this time of year so you can send me pictures of how beautiful it is there or on your blogs:) No really, this is the one time of year I could live in the South and be happy, though I would miss the good snows.

Trust you all are doing well. Sorry I have been so slow to post but life is hectic sometimes! I'll try to do better.:) TRISHA

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

I am really not ready for school to start. It is almost time and I feel like I need another break. That is not a good prospect!:) Really, it has been so nice to have some time off and get some things done that never seem to get done on school days. There is just too much to do then. By the time we are out of school, it is time to be thinking of supper!

Well, trust you are all having a good start to your New Year. Ours started with a bang. My parents house was vandalized and we went over and helped clean up the damage. It was a mess!! Then, we left and our tire on the van went flat and we had to take it back up to my parents house and use their car. Everything was closed by then so we got it fixed after Jeff got off work today. We hope this is not an Indication of the New Year!!!!:)

Anyway, time is going swiftly so I better run! TRISHA