Saturday, March 21, 2009


Here is Lindsay dressed as a locust getting ready to molt!
Here are the kids as caterpillars in cocoons. Getting ready to change to butterflies.
Here they are after they have come out of their cocoons. They were so funny and cute. The lady who is teaching them is a kindergarten teacher. She does a great job! The kids love it!

Here they are butterflies and trying to fly around. They look pretty funny and cute!


Today has been a busy day! The kids had a Dodgeball tournament today and we left the house at 7:50Am on a Saturday. We should get a medal for that:) Went to Muscatine High School where they played. Had a great time and then went to the extension office to work on record books for 4-H.
This afternoon, we headed to some friend's house and helped shuck corn for 8 new baby calves and their 1 yr old calves. It was fun and relaxing, but I came away with two medals from it--blisters on both of my thumbs.:) Pretty funny! Didn't know I used my thumbs so much!! Goodness! I feel all thumbs tonight.
Well, we are getting the kids to bed and hope to get their ourselves soon. Maybe I'll find time to load more pics soon! It can take awhile! Bye for now...Trisha

Saturday, March 14, 2009

It has been a busy day. Travis and Jeff went to a gun show and had a great time. Jeff went to work on a plumbing job and the kids and I hung out at Boardman's and had fun. I got most of my house cleaned today and was very proud of myself.
Friday night was 4-H and the kids enjoyed that. One of the presentations was on Great Pyrenese dogs and this girl brought her puppy for demonstration on puppy shots and worming. He was HUGE and only 10 weeks. Very cute and cuddly! Can't believe how big those dogs get. She said up to 160lbs! I like lapdogs personally!
Trust all are doing well.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quad City Symphony Dress Rehearsal

The kids got to attend the Quad City Symphony dress rehearsal last Friday Night. We went with some other homeschool friends who are in our 4-H group. It was a lot of fun. The conductor was amazing! Did you know that when you conduct a symphony, you have to be one beat ahead of the music with your hands than where the orchestra is?? IT is crazy to watch! They served hot dogs, chips and pop before the concert started. When it was over there was a question and answer session for all the kids. It was very informative.Here is the featured Cellist. He played amazingly! He is only 25 and was homeschooled almost all of his life. He had pretty funny hair, but he said he started playing the cello when he was 2. The suzuki method. He said his dad encouraged the cello over the violin because it was more mellow and not so squeaky!:)

Here is the whole group. I am a bad picture taker! Sorry!

The kids are learning the table of elements at the co-op we do in Muscatine. They are really learning fast. I;m always amazed at how fast they can absorb information!

The little ones learned about the life cycle of the butterfly. They all rolled up in cocoons(sleeping bags) and then popped out with material as butterflies with wings!! Then they came to the table to make a chart about butterflies and then over to read about them. It was so cute. I didn';t have a good one of Lindsay so Alissa is in this picture.
Trust you all are having a good week. We are off to Muscatine tomorrow. Let's see if I can remember my camera....