Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Here is one of our butterflies emerging from his chrysalis. It was so exciting I had a hard time taking pictures since I wanted to just watch. It was amazing! His wings were so tiny and fragile when he slid out and only half the size of his body. But within twenty minutes his wings were full size and he sat and dried out for about 2 hours and then started flexing his wings and flew off. WOW talk about fearfully and wonderfully made!!
I will post more of him, but ran out of space on my uploader.

Lindsay at our 4-H bake sale. It was fun and we sold all the pies we made. 72 pies sold by the slice. Yum! The 2 older enjoyed serving and selling them.

Here is Lindsay with a basket that was handmade, and a bunch of corn from the grist mill. That was amazing to watch. Lindsay ground all her corn into fine powder and loved every minute

Here are Jeff and Travis learning to work together in the logging industry:) It was a fun day of 4-H and Heritage Days!! We had a blast and learned a lot.


Amanda said...

Looks like you have had an exciting school year start. How exiciting. I sure miss you guys ;)

Trisha said...

Yes, we are having a lot of fun. Hate that you are so far away! Hope you are enjoying your new home and church! Miss you guys, too!